Revamp Its Internal

relooker-son-interieurThe space makeover is a home service that lets you customize your home, taking into account:

Your tastes, your needs, and the effect you want to achieve
Volumes of your home and the positioning of furniture

You are contemporary, classic, retro, ethnic, minimalist …?
based on the existing, and combines aesthetics and functionality,

helps you design your decor

Designer Mobilier Hotel Restaurant

designer-dinterieur-hotel-restaurantANNE SOPHIE Carlioz you with personalized decoration and optimization of volumes of your hotel, your bar or your restaurant,

By creating furniture and custom components:

  • headboard, nightstand, storage …
  • receiving bank, Home, Bar, lounge furniture …
  • Elements modular or double feature
  • luminaires
  • Dining areas: table, chair, eat standing ..
  • privacy zones: armchairs, benches …